Three States of Water      2020      string orchestra.     duration: 24 minutes

I. Ice Dunes          II. Nuages          III. Vltava

Špilberk Castle      2019        tuba/euphonium quartet        duration: 8 minutes

Sur la Neige      2019      oboe, Bb clarinet      duration: 8 minutes

Kladno Sketches      2019      C trumpet, Bb trumpet, horn in F, trombone, bass trombone, euphonium, tuba      duration: 10 minutes

1. Zámek – peaceful gardens      2. Poldi – ironworks      3. Svobody – Freedom plaza

A Peaceful Place      2019        sound sculpture      duration: 7 minutes

Carte du Ciel      2019      digitally synthesized sound sculpture      duration: 8 minutes

A New Lidice     2019      SSAA choir, string trio     duration: 7 minutes

Chicago Sketches     2019    Flute choir: piccolo, 3 flutes, alto flute, bass flute      Duration: 15:20

I. Fermi Lab – December 1942      II. Navy Pier – March 2014      III. Buckingham Fountain – August 1976

Dark Matter     2019      string quartet     duration: 8:30      for the Attacca Quartet

Unseen Voices      2018      double SATB choir, orchestra      duration: 9 minutes

First Light      2018      wind ensemble      Duration: 7:30

I. “first dawn”      II. “shimmering light”

Lunar Litany    2018    digital synthesis

String Theory    2018   solo soprano saxophone and sax quartet (2 alto, ten, bari).    Duration 7:30.    Inspired by particle physics theories of matter and energy.

Before I Sleep    2018    Viola.   Duration 6:20.    Inspired by Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods”

Bending Birches   2018    Bb clarinet.  Duration 5 minutes.    Inspired by Robert Frost’s “Birches”

Climbing Blaník   2018    oboe, clarinet, viola, cello, marimba.    Duration 7:10.

Karlův Most (Charles Bridge)   2018    oboe, clarinet, viola, cello.    Duration 7:30.

Lidice Remembered   2017    strings.

Celestial Ceremonies   1976/2017. synthesized electronic music.     I. dark energy      II. black hole      III. gravitation      IV. luminescence

Autumn Rain.   2017.  English horn.      Inspired by Robert Frost’s “My November Guest”

I. “autumn rain”     II. “my sorrow” (remembering Lidice)     III. “the bare, the withered tree” (interlude)     IV. “the sodden pasture lane”

SUSPIRA – Canonic meditation on the Salve Regina chant. 2017. computer music

Rainbow Rising   2016. computer music

Falling Water   2016. computer music

Landscapes in Motion      2016      mezzo-soprano, viola, piano

I. “Riding Backwards on a Train”      II. “Sailing at Sunset”

Hukvaldy Sketches   2016   oboe, clarinet, viola, marimba.      Duration: 11 minutes

I. Hrad – morning climb to the castle ruins

II. Ptáci – watching Leoš’s birds

III.    Vody – forest streams and shadows

IV. Bystroušky – mouflons and other mountain wildlife

V. Podzim – autumn sunset

Modern Inventions – Contrapunctus 1 – 12.  2016.   viola & cello   OR   trombone & bass trombone

Angels of Bright Splendor. 2013. computer music, optional solo performer

The Fourth Angel. 2006. computer music, optional solo performer

Mucha’s Light. 2005. 5 pieces for wind ensemble based on paintings of Alfons Mucha. 1995 version for brass quintet

Previous millenium . . .

ANIMATED LANDSCAPES NO. 3: Train Sketches. 1997. soprano, 5 instr., computer

Through a Glass. 1996. contralto, organ

AD TE SUSPIRAMUS. 1994. consort of viols

CATHEDRAL MUSIC: Introit, Ricercar, Canzona. 1994. wind quintet & brass quintet

LIGHTFORMS 3: Ancient Images. 1994. computer music

LIGHTFORMS 2: StarSpectra. Borik Press (Raleigh, NC). 1993. computer music

MORAVIAN MOUNTAIN SONGS. 1993. children’s choir, piano, optional instruments

LIGHTFORMS 1: Constellations. Borik Press (Raleigh, NC). 1992. piano, projected visuals

PTACI (Birds)Music for Dance. 1993. chamber orchestra

OF WATER AND THE LIGHT. 1992. SATB choir, organ, brass quintet

RECURSIONS: Tributaries; Turbulence; Tidepools. 1990. solo viola

ANTIPHONS: Counterpoint on Ancient Gregorian Chants. 1989. wind ensemble

HOMAGES: Constellations. 1988.

HOMAGES: Intensities. 1988.

AURORA: Facets of Color and Time. 1987. chamber orchestra

SCHERZO: Fantasy Reflections on Time and Tonality. 1986.

OF LIGHT AND SHADOW: Two Canonic Sketches. 1985. wind ensemble

PARALLEL HORIZONS (Homage to Schoenberg). 1985. winds and percussion

PATHS OF LIGHT (Homage to Webern). 1985. mobiles for instruments, tape

LIGHT FOLLOWS FORM      Borik Press (Raleigh, NC)      1985      digitally synthesized sound sculpture

PENINSULA. Borik Press (Raleigh, NC). 1984. piano, Synclavier-generated sounds

EFFULGENCE. Borik Press (Raleigh, North Carolina). 1984. environmental computer music with optional instruments

Hidden Moon. 1982. orchestra

DARK HAVEN. 1981. tape, Synclavier-generated sounds

SUNSCAPE. 1981. 2 oboes, 2 saxes, 4 trumpets, computer-generated tape

DREAMSCAPE. Seesaw Music Corp. (New York). 1978. 6 wind instr., contrabass, piano, percussion, bells

ISOSTRATA. Seesaw Music Corp. (New York). 1977. 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, tuba, percussion

ILLUMINATIONS: 3 Refractions of Time. University Microfilms (Ann Arbor, Michigan). 1976. orchestra

GEOGRAPHY OF THE CHRONOSPHERE. Seesaw Music Corp. (New York). 1975. four pieces for solo piano

SOMNILOQUY. 1975. trombonist, dancer, sounds on tape

SPACE HOLD. 1972. music for a semi-abstract 16-mm black-and-white film

NIGHT SONGS. Borik Press (Raleigh, NC). 1971. solo trombone