A Peaceful Place

Digital sound sculpture      2019       duration: 7 minutes

The title, from the poem “The Murder of Lidice” by Edna St. Vincent Millay, is an expression of the feeling evoked by the verdant valley below the Lidice Memorial. Though horrible tragedy struck this place on 10 June 1942, now the sloping lawn and babbling creek are a safe haven to peaceful spirits.

Carte du Ciel

sky map

2019      digitally synthesized sound sculpture      duration: 8 minutes

Carte du Ciel was an ambitious second phase of an international star-mapping project initiated in 1887 by Paris Observatory director Amédée Mouchez.  A new photographic process revolutionizing the gathering of telescope images inspired the first phase, the Astrographic Catalogue of a dense, whole-sky array of star positions. Carte du Ciel, never completed after 70 years, used the Catalogue as a reference system for a complex survey of the vast field of even fainter images.

In the music, ghostly wisps of sound are punctuated by brighter bursts, clustered in a natural, not-quite randomly dispersed texture.


Rainbow Rising

computer music      2016      duration: 4:38      San Marcos, Texas

Live performance February 6, 2018, at Texas State University Performing Arts Center:

Texas State cello students Boris Chalakov, Joshua Adams, Terri Boutte, Simon Reid, Anna Trevino, Gabriel Vazquez


electronic music      total duration: 12 minutes      1976 rev. 2017      Ann Arbor, MI and San Marcos, TX

I. Dark Energy

II. Black Hole

III. Gravitation

IV. Luminescence